Novels, Poetry and Essays

Here we reprint works in progress, recent publications and reprint articles and essays written from time to time. They are listed below:

The Merchant of Mantua – a murder mystery set in Mantua, Italy in 1426, during the days of the condotierre, political upheaval and the early growth of capitalist merchants. Not completed but a couple of chapters are available.

California Nugget – a novel that was written in the late 1930s, but never published. Now being reworked with the idea of publishing it. It is set in the pueblo of Los Angeles right at the end of the Civil War and is about a headstrong young girl and her adventures.

The Flowery Pagoda – is newly reprinted, available as hardback, paperback or an ebook. It was first published in 1930 by Maud Hubbard Brown, and deals with her years in China from 1918 onwards, and includes love poems written for her husband.

Reprints from the Best Times – some essays on exploring technology and other items which were originally printed in the Best Times, the seniors publication for Johnson County, Kansas.


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